Agro Hub

POINT (85.875978 26.951059)

This is the area designed for the production purpose. Vegetables, fruits and other commodities are grown in the area under the Agro Hub either inside the protected structures (green house, net house, poly house, etc.) in the off season and open field in the favorable season. Different modern agricultural technologies (Drip irrigation, mulching, etc.) are implemented in the area.


  • Increase production of different commodities.
  • Integrate different aspects of modern agriculture.
  • Generate employment for the locals of the municipality.
  • Establish as an example for integration of different modern technologies in farming.

Agro Hub would be monitored effectively with the help of cloud-based software. This software would help us to continuously monitor the farm, predict the harvest time for effective marketing, evaluate the right time for carrying out farm operations and also keep the record of production and do financial analysis.