High Tech Nursery

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A nursery is a place designed for intense care of the seedlings till transplanted in the main field. For the establishment of the good plant stand and quality plants, good quality seedlings are essential. One of the major problems in today’s horticulture sector is the lack of the quality planting material. So, with the establishment of the high-tech nursery, we would be able to supply the required seedlings to the farmers and also to the agri hub unit of the Agri-Village.


  • Produce quality seedlings
  • Provide farmers of the municipality with the required amount of the seedlings and also to the Agri hub unit of the Agri-Village.
  • Produce the seasonal seedlings.
  • Maintain the ideal environment for the seedling’s growth inside the protected structures.
  • Keep the record of the farmer and seedlings bought helping in the prediction of harvest of the produce.

High tech nursery unit would include the poly houses, net house, environment controlled green houses for the efficient growth and development of the nursery seedlings.

High tech nursery aims to produce and distribute the quality seedlings in all the wards of the municipality.