Today, whole nation is facing problem in Agricultural field. The main problems to be noted are fragmented lands, conventional farming practices that rarely satisfies the family needs, scarce labor to work on the farming lands, attraction of people towards other comfortable jobs and abroad. To address these problems a well-designed integrated farming practice is a must that solves the afore-mentioned problems in relatively easy and efficient manner. Simply, Agro-village is the concept of integrated farming system that integrates much of the aspects of the modern agricultural system such as protected horticulture, high tech nursery, Agro hub, plant clinic, cold store, machineries hiring center, training center alongside tourism in a single place. This would be a model on how to farm in modern ways utilizing the modern technologies to optimum level.

Bardibas Municipality is identified as one of the best regions for the agricultural operations and also Bardibas has been developed as the center point connected by several highways which leads to the easy access to market and other facilities. The climatic conditions in Bardibas is also very suitable for the increased productions of tropical and sub-tropical crops. Due to such reasons, Bardibas carries immense possibility of development and prosperity through agricultural sector.

Agri-Village would be developed and managed under Government, Cooperatives, Private Partnership (GCPP) and Public Private Partnership (PPP) model.